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Our Photographs
We have tens of thousands of photographs in our stock. They are taken by Hasselblad with Zeiss lens,  from every corners of our planet. All of them are of absolutely high quality, in the form of 6cm x 6cm, 6cm x 9cm or 4" x 5" positive slides. Any extremely high quality publications can be produced by these slides.

Interested parties can come to our studio to choose the suitable pictures or we can bring our slides to your company. We rent out our positive slides for our customers to use. Please come to our studio in Hong Kong to choose your favorite slides. For overseas customers, please send your request such as the subject, the place of interest, the country, etc. to us. We will reply with sample images. High resolution images can be obtained in the form of positive slide, CD-Rom or other storage media.

For a duplication of slide, price is HK$3,500. For high resolution scanned image, price ranges from HK$1,500 to HK$2,500.

Please email coach@taipofencing.com or call us for an appointment to view our slides, we can present our slides for you to choose.

Photo- Taking Assignment
Project assignments are welcomed. We are experienced in indoor, outdoor and overseas assignments, including scenic, product and commercial photography. Please contact us for enquiry.

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